Sagar Sweets and Namkeens

Sagar Sweets and Namkeens

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  • sagar Sweets  is located in western part of India, kutch anjar. It is established in the year  log with the very first shop at Stadium Circle, st anjar , Which is still the flagship, but now having big and spacious shops and eateries at different locations of  online shop to enjoy quality Indian Sweets. The shop has exclusive varieties of all modern and traditional sweets. Enjoy mouth watering sweets with Sagar Sweets and Namkeens. All joints are forever bustling with customers who swear by their consistent quality. Sagar Sweets and Namkeens owners belongs to a family that has mithai shops at Opp.Bus station Anjar and other branch at varsamedi nake. jain dadavadi same, Anjar. It is not surprising that they do many of the favorites of the eastern states of India like jhal moori, kachori with aloo dum or radha vallabhi, golgappe, rasogulla, sandesh, pakeeza, chumchum, kaccha gulla, chenna penda, balusahi. All of these are pretty authentic. Apart from this, there is big selection of mava, dry fruit based, ghee based, iced rabri, kulfi etc.Over the years Sagar Sweets and Namkeens  has carved a niche for itself as the manufacturer and supplier of the best quality sweets, customized outdoor catering, Selling sweets at wholesale rate to their clients in Anjar and Kutch and In house banqueting. This has resulted in our being patronized by many people gained appreciation of the quality and services around the globe. Sagar Sweets and Namkeens is in propietership of Bharat D. Prajapati,Hitesh B. Prajapati and Vishal D. Prajapati.




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Vishal B. Prajapati +91 9825506705 Hitesh B. Prajapati +91 9825506755 Bharat D. Prajapati +91 9824328591

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